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Predict the salary range of job opportunities using Deep Learning!

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Help your friends/colleagues negotiate salaries by sharing your salary.

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Find any job opportunity without salary range

Open that job opportunity page, then voilà...

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Go to Techinasia Job Search Page. Find any job opportunity which does not have the salary range. Open that job opportunity page and the predicted salary will appear. You must open the job opportunity page. The predicted salary does not appear in the job opportunities list page yet. But it's on our todo list.

If the salary DOES NOT SHOW UP, please refresh the page after 10 seconds!

The salary will show up this time. It happens because the inference (salary prediction) uses Deep Learning model which takes time (a couple of seconds). The next time you load the page, the prediction is fetched from the database (faster!!!). We'll do better for the next release! We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Sharing salaries between colleagues or other people in same industry - June 2021

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