Sharing Salary

Go check the salaries here.

  • I want to build (tapi dengan kearifan lokal)
  • Salary information can help you negotiate better. Remember, information is power!
  • If you sent your salary slip then your salary information would be given more weight
  • Share your Ethereum address to get a reward in the future
  • Your data will be used as training data to build a salary prediction model
  • Your company name will be redacted if necessary in public, but will be disclosed to the buyer of the premium package. Read more in PredictSalary's Business Model. Don't share the company name if you are not comfortable. Just fill "-" in the field.

Upload your salary slip as a JPG / PNG image; DON'T UPLOAD PDF!

Leave it empty if you don't know about Ethereum. This address will receive a reward in the future.