Business Plan

Story so far...

Total revenue of PredictSalary is Rp 6 million. It sold the salaries data in CSV format with the companies field unlocked. It means you can see all the companies. But don't worry. There is a user agreement on which the buyers must agree not to sue any employees who share their salaries. Oh, the Ethereum address field and the Linkedin field are not part of the deal. They are not for sale.

Revenue Sharing

Remember when I asked people their Ethereum address field? It's the way I can share revenue with them. Fifty percents (50%) of the sales of the salaries data will be split to all Ethereum addresses. Cryptocurrency is the perfect use case for this kind of thing. Consider this example. Jabami Yumeko wants to share her salary with me anonymously. I want to reward her. She can send her Ethereum address. She can enjoy the reward without disclosing her identity. It's perfect. This is what we call pseudonymous economy.

Without cryptocurrency, she has to send me her PayPal/Gopay/OVO/Dana/bank account. She needs to share her identity. You cannot have an anonymous bank account. Other than this reason, with cryptocurrency, I can setup a smart contract so people can withdraw their financial reward easily. Really, I have written such smart contract.

This is fair. They send valuable data to me so I can be rich (hopefully!). Then I have to split the revenue with them. It's not fair if I get all the rewards.

Later, I want to build a salary prediction model that can predict the salary ranges from any jobs or Linkedin profiles or GitHub profiles. If I get the income from the model, all people who share their salaries and Ethereum addresses will be rewarded properly. I haven't decided how many percents. This is fair. All people who share the training data for the AI model deserve some parts of the spoils.

All people who share their salaries in the early days of PredictSalary (the day before June 28th 2021) will get much higher rewards compared to people who share their salaries after June 28th 2021. Those who sent their payment slips will be rewarded heavily. Those who sent their Linkedin profiles but didn't write their Ethereum addresses will be contacted by me. I just want to say thank you and ask them to create Ethereum addresses so I can share the rewards with them.

But, hey, don't hesitate to share salaries if you haven't done so. You'll still get rewards.

By the way, if you're wondering why I ask people their Linkedin profiles in the sharing salary form, the reason is I want to understand the progress of someone's career. Say, Jabami Yumeko is a machine learning engineer in startup XYZ and her salary is Rp 50 million per month. I want to understand the pattern of someone who can get Rp 50 million salary. What do they have to do? Do they jump to other companies often? Where did they go to study? I want to create a walkthrough for people who want to achieve what Jabami Yumeko achieves.

Coming back to splitting spoils with cryptocurrency, Indonesian government has a conservative approach to cryptocurrency. So I cannot do it right away. On top of that, the revenue is still low.

I wait until the total revenue hits Rp 300 million. Then I setup an overseas company. With the company, I release the smart contract so you can pull the rewards to your Ethereum account. This way, I don't break the rules. Actually, if Indonesian government had an Ethereum account for tax purpose, I could create a smart contract which would pay some percentages of the rewards to the government automatically when people pulled the rewards to their Ethereum accounts.

But I will not hold my breath. So I need to learn how to pay tax in this scheme.

So if you are reading this and you have shared your salary along with your Ethereum address, don't lose your Ethereum account (your private key or seed phrase)! I promise I'll share the spoils with you.

What's Next

Fixing the UI, of course. Improving the cybersecurity part. Marketing PredictSalary to more people so more data are coming to PredictSalary. Creating a community for people who want to gossip and share salaries among themselves in a spontaneous manner.

For the business model, I will not use Google Adsense. The data (sans some companies names) will be available without login.

My friend suggested to me that I should turn PredictSalary into Blind, a website to share anonymous complaints and feedbacks about companies. But after meditating about this idea in the top of a mountain 3 days and 3 nights under the light of the full moon, I decided the drama is not worth it. Sure, I'll get a lot of traffic. But at what cost?

Instead, I will add premium job opportunities. So when you scroll ten salaries, you get one nonobstructive job opportunity. And there will be a separate jobs list page. Visitors of this website are obsessed with salaries and people who are obsessed with salaries are looking for better paying jobs.

I'm also thinking of "Rate my offer" feature.

Of course, there will be a premium salary prediction model. For God's sake, the name of this website is PredictSalary. It's an unforgivable sin if there is no predicting part.

In the long term, PredictSalary will predict incomes not just salaries. So if you open a Youtube channel page, you can predict their incomes with PredictSalary.

That's all. You can follow @PredictSalary at Twitter to follow the progress of PredictSalary and info about salaries!